Create 'native' Java applications on OS X and Windows using Maven plugins

When building a desktop application, the target audience usually expects an executable to when launching it. If the application is written in Java you have the options to create a batch file to launch it, create an executable jar file, compile the application as a native application or wrap the application using a native ‘launcher’. This post will result in a maven pom for dealing with the last option, it may be used in both Windows and OS X environments.

Maven Tip: Get sources and Javadocs

When you’re using Maven in an IDE you often find the need for your IDE to resolve source code and Javadocs for your library dependencies. There’s an easy way to accomplish that goal.

# mvn dependency:sources
# mvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc

The first command will attempt to download source code for each of the dependencies in your pom file.

The second command will attempt to download the Javadocs.

Maven is at the mercy of the library packagers here. So some of them won’t have source code packaged and many of them won’t have Javadocs.

How to use MathJax in Jekyll generated Github pages

Sep 20, 2013  | by Haixing Hu

There are many solutions to support MathJax in Jekyll on the web, but few of them could meet my requirement. After spending a whole day to google the solution, at last I solve the problem. My solution is not perfect, but it works well for me.

Indentation Settings of Sublime Text 2

Dec 01, 2012  | by Sublime Text 2

Indentation Settings determine the size of the tab stops, and control whether the tab key should insert tabs or spaces. In addition to the automatic detection, they can be customized globally, per-file type, or per-file.

Display Hidden Files in OS X 10.6 ‘Open’ and ‘Save’ Dialog Boxes

Nov 27, 2012  | by Tom Nelson

Your Mac has a few secrets up its sleeve, hidden files and folders that are invisible to you. Apple hides these files and folders to prevent you from accidentally changing or deleting important data that your Mac needs. You may occasionally need to view or edit one of these hidden files. To do so, you must first make it visible again.

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